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Why You Need Development Data?

For developers, managers, and executives, intuition only goes so far. Gut instinct breaks at scale. Let data enhance your intuition.

Welcome to Data Driven Engineering.

Reduce Bugs.

Debug processes, teams, and code more effectively than ever before.

Reduce Bias.

Make the best decisions equipped with objective insights and information.

Reduce Burnout.

Manage resources, sprints, and bandwidth with precision and humanity.

The Most Complete Solution
To Development Data.

From development to deployment, Merico has
you covered.

Empowering Enlightened Engineering

Eliminate Bottlenecks

Solve the right problems faster, discover and resolve issues faster than ever with team and repo level data.


Enhance Teamwork

Align team resourcing, sprints, and objectives with objective measures of success.


Supercharge Retrospectives

Detailed and actionable reports turn 1:1s and retrospectives into gamechanging moments.


Improve Code Quality

Actionable metrics like unit-test coverage and reusability translate into improvement.


Cultivate Talent

Detailed profiles and insights on teammates to double-down on strengths and fix weaknesses.


Boost Collaboration

Improved transparency enables greater alignment and improved cross-team collaboration.



“Great software R&D requires great process, and Merico has helped us to standardize indicators and benchmarks giving us a comprehensive view of the development process from a variety of angles.”

Platform Product Manager


“Merico gives us insight into the strengths and weaknesses of our developer ecosystem, allowing us to better plan for future development. The support and feedback we receive has also been amazing!”

Senior Architect

The Autoware Foundation

“Merico has uncovered unique signals that allow for us to better think about what is most important in assessing the health and development of our engineering organization.”

SVP of Development


“With a mostly remote engineering force, Merico helps us to define goals, assess productivity, and establish benchmarks in a way that harmonizes our business goals with the lives of our developers.”

VP of Engineering

Scopic Software

“Merico has given us more clear ways to define what excellence looks like, this makes it easy for us on the frontlines to translate data into action at the line-by-line level.”

Senior Engineer

“Merico is the best product we've seen to understand contribution value in open-source, with the information Merico surfaces, I ahve clarity on the evolution of projects and companies we care about.”

VP of Alliances


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